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Pedro Aguirre Cerda 6100, Cerrillos, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile.

How to get there:

By bus:

From “Estación Central” take bus 109
From “La Cisterna” take bus 120
From “Departamental”  take bus 107 and 108
From “Nataniel Cox (La Moneda)” take bus 113
From “Plaza de Maipú” take bus 108

Until: PI1619-Stop / Centro Cívico Cerrillos

By car:

From “Estación Central”  take “Exposición” until  “Avenida Pedro Aguirre Cerda” or “Autopista Central” exit on “Pedro Aguirre Cerda”.

By subway:

Take the Line 6 until Cerrillos Station. From the station you have 2 options:

  • 15 minutes walking from subway station by Pedro Aguirre Cerda avenue
  • Bus: Take the 109, 108 or 113 bus along Pedro Aguirre Cerda avenue to Centro Cívico Cerrillos stop number PI1619

Please note: Certain restrictions apply to bus and subway transfers. Please visit the website for additional details, and for bus and subway maps.



Tuesday – Sunday: 10am – 18.30pm . Galleries are cleared 15 minutes before closing.



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