About the center

The National Center for Contemporary Art is a public institution dependent of  the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage.

Its mission is to promote and stimulate the creation, experimentation, to reflect and understanding of the Chilean contemporary art, in connection with the Latin American scene, making available to the visitors tools for conservation, research, education and outreach.

Housed in the building of former Cerrillos airport, the center is designed as a living laboratory, an open platform available as a space for the networking among neighbors, citizens, artists, researchers, academics, art managers and independent curators and other institutions involved in their actions.

The Center have diversified spaces such as workshop labs, viewing rooms, exhibition Rooms, library and storage space specially designed for the conservation of various funds and collections of contemporary art in its various languages (photography, drawing, painting, sculpture, video, installation, etc.). At the operational level it will have 3 areas: education, documentation and conservation, and exhibition projects.

The Center has three strategic guidelines which are:

  • Exhibition: Its purpose is the curatorial design and setup of exhibits to highlight and give value to contemporary art at a national, Latin American and international level, through the artworks and their social and historical relations in which they are inserted to give the public a comprehensive view of the art world today.
  • Education: It aims to encourage and promote educational and training experiences of the community by linking with contemporary artists and artistic content, in order to expand their thoughtful response to current world problems.
  • Documentation and Conservation: It aims to protect documents and archives related to pre- and post-creative process of significant artwork of the Chilean contemporary art heritage . As well as organize, classify and protect materials related with contemporary artworks and artistic movements, in order to stimulate the creation, experimentation, reflection and understanding of contemporary art, linked directly to the visual arts, making available to the public the tools for conservation, research, education and outreach.

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